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Microsoft May be Planning to Stop Microsoft Points

The Redmond based technology heavyweight Microsoft is likely to phase out the widely used Microsoft Point system by autumn of running year, according to a new revelation.

‘Microsoft Point' is an exclusive virtual currency that allows Xbox Live users to purchase online gaming and media content from the Zune Marketplace as well as Xbox Live. However, according to a new report, the Windows maker is currently planning to ditch this massively popular online transaction system in favour of real currencies.

Though Microsoft is yet to make any official statement confirming (or declining) the report, Inside Mobile Apps claims that it was tipped off a "source", about the company's preparation for phasing out Microsoft Points by the end of 2012 once and for all.

As of today, 400 Microsoft Points can be bought for just $4.99, whereas $9.99 earns you 800 Points - the scheme goes on all the way up to 6000 Points for $74.99.

Meanwhile, experts are of the opinion that if the Windows maker truly phases out Microsoft Points, it strongly suggests that the company is either developing, or going to join forces with a payment processing service.

[Image Source: GameJudgement]