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Microsoft Outs Hotmail App for Kindle fire

Microsoft has dished out a new Hotmail application aimed at the users of Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet that will be equipped with Exchange Active Sync, designed to make it easier for users to handle email efficiently, the Windows maker claimed.

According to various analysts, the new app from Microsoft is indeed way more superior to Kindle Fire's default email app on several fronts. Kindle's native email application downloads messages via POP3, whereas the New Hotmail app will empower its users to synchronise their emails, contacts, folders and subfolders much more efficiently. Apart from that, there are several other advantages too, that could eventually will lure a huge chunk of the default app users towards the new Hotmail app.

Since Kindle Fire uses a different implementation of Android, for Microsoft it was a requisite to make some improvisations to the previously existing Hotmail application for Android. Now things are sorted and the company is jubilant to present its app in the market.

"We think it's critical that our customers can use Hotmail from any device they choose. So, in addition to making Hotmail work great on devices running Windows, we'll continue to invest in great experiences on other major device platforms," Hotmail product management director David Law stated in a blog post.