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Microsoft to Launch SQL Server 2012 on March 7

SQL Server 2012 is going to the latest in Microsoft's SQL Server database family and it will be launched in an online event to be held on 7th March.

Keynote at the event will be delivered by Microsoft corporate vice presidents Quentin Clark and Ted Kummert. In the event, Quentin Clark will present a general overview of various features of the SQL Server 2012 and Ted Kummert will be presenting Microsoft's "data evolution vision".

The company, however, has not yet confirmed whether or not the database Server will be released for general availability on that day.

Aaron Bertrand, SQL Server expert, in a blog post stated, "Let me throw out a dose of reality: if you are not on a [beta program] or otherwise going live with a private build or release candidate, you will not be installing and deploying SQL Server 2012 on March 7th. I promise."

Microsoft plans to launch SQL Server 2012 in three main editions including the latest BI (business intelligence) version. The BI version will feature Power View data-discovery tool, data quality services and many more useful features.

Enterprise Edition will also be offered by the Redmond based software giant that will feature advanced security, a columnar data store and high capacity.