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Microsoft’s Alleged Kelihos Botnet Creator Says He is Innocent

The person accused by Redmond based software giant Microsoft of being the mastermind behind the infamous Kelihos botnet attack has claimed that he is totally innocent, according to new reports

Microsoft stated that a former employee of antivirus company Agnitum, Andrey Sabelnikov "wrote and/or participated in creating" the Kelihos software that eventually infected a huge number of machines.

After these accusations Mr Sabelnikov contacted BBC and said that he is "surprised and shocked" and that "I will prove my innocence", reported BBC. On his blog Andrey Sabelnikov posted that he was "absolutely not guilty".

On the other hand, senior attorney for Microsoft's Digital Crime Unit, Richard Boscovich, stated, "As this is a case pending in court, we cannot comment further except to say that we look forward to seeing Mr Sabelnikov in court so we can continue this discussion."

The software giant, on 26th January, filed an amended complaint in which they accused Mr. Sabelnikov of writing the codes and also participating in creating the Kelihos malware.

The complaint, which was filed in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, states that Sabelnikov is also responsible for using the malware for controlling as well as nurturing the Kelihos botnet.