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Nintendo Boss Isn't Threatened by Mobile Gaming

Nintendo Boss Satoru Iwata has revealed that he's not worried by the rise of mobile gaming on smartphones and tablets, saying that there will always be a place for mobile consoles.

"Last summer, when the sales pace of the Nintendo 3DS was slow, there were extreme remarks saying, 'With the penetration of smartphones, will there still be a market for handheld hardware?' which was almost equal to 'handheld hardware is not necessary anymore," he began.

While Iwata also admitted that the early sales of the 3DS weren't strong, he stated later on that "I believe we proved that such opinions are incorrect", according to a report from Computer and Videogames.

Indeed in the first few months of life the 3DS did not sell well. However, in hindsight this could be put down to no really strong titles being released alongside it. Nintendo had been criticised in the past for smothering third party developers by releasing giant titles along with consoles. The Japanese gaming firm listened and decided to hold back when it came time to unveil the 3DS. Unfortunately though, other developers didn't fill the void, leaving the new version of the handheld dry in the water.

Of course it didn't take long for Nintendo to step up, releasing both Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 in short succession. This led to a massive uptake in the 3DS in Japan and overseas, with several million being bought up before the end of the year.

The current future of video games, specifically consoles, is certainly looking a little uncertain. Will it go in a more mobile direction with tablets, smartphones and similar becoming the dominant medium? Will the cloud be the future, with gamers playing their favourite titles remotely?

I'll stick to my PC for now.