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Noon News: TfL Live Traffic Website, Steve Jobs Treasured Gates' Letter, Hotmail App for Kindle Fire

A live traffic website has been launched by the Transport for London (TfL) in order to allow drivers in the capital city access to real-time information about traffic hotspots. The idea behind this move is basically to reduce traffic congestion and hence making commuting within the city a lot more easier task than it is today.

Apple's legendary former boss Steve Jobs received a letter from his business rival Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, which amounted to a lot of appreciation and warmth between the two, a new report claims. Apparently, the letter meant so much to Mr Jobs that he could not stop himself from keeping it next to his bed during his dying days.

Microsoft has dished out a new Hotmail application aimed at the users of Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet that will be equipped with Exchange Active Sync, designed to make it easier for users to handle email efficiently, the Windows maker claimed. According to various analysts, the new app from Microsoft is indeed way more superior to Kindle Fire's default email app on several fronts.

Microsoft has decided to utilise hardware sensors in the Windows 8 OS for tablet computers in various ways including allowing users an enhanced apps-experience and not just for adjusting brightness or rotating elements on screen.

The person accused by Redmond based software giant Microsoft of being the mastermind behind the infamous Kelihos botnet attack has claimed that he is totally innocent, according to new reports. Microsoft stated that a former employee of antivirus company Agnitum, Andrey Sabelnikov "wrote and/or participated in creating" the Kelihos software that eventually infected a huge number of machines.