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Only 10% Users Like Facebook’s Timeline Feature

A new survey claims that no more than 10 per cent of existing Facebook users are happy with the recent renovation that the site recently introduced.

Facebook, in an attempt to engender a more personalised experience to users, introduced a new innovative characteristic for its site called ‘timeline' a few weeks back. By virtue of this new enhancement, all publicly visible messages, comments and photographs will be assembled together on the site in a chronological manner.

Facebook claims that it's basically an attempt to woo its users by empowering them to produce an online scrap book, speaking about the life history or experiences of the users which they have earned through this massively popular social media platform

However, according to a recent study carried out by the security outfit Sophos, only 10 per cent of those polled, expressed their desire to go ahead with the "Timeline" in their Facebook profile.

While 51 per cent of the participants in the study stated that they were "worried" by the revamped format, another eight per cent claimed that they were getting used to it.

Critics have used an acerbic tone against this forced renovation saying that it may harm the privacy of the users tremendously. But, Facebook had an answer ready to tactically calm the critics saying that it will not make anything publicly available which is not already visible on the site.

"Timeline does not change any of your existing privacy settings," assured a spokeswoman from the company, as reported by The Telegraph.