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Playstation Vita tryout now available in 600 UK Game and Gamestation stores

Sony has announced that its flagship handheld game console, PlayStation Vita, will be made available for sampling at any one of the 600 Game and Gamestation retail stores before the product is officially launched in the UK. The idea behind this move is to ensure that awaiting fanboys are given the oportunity to try out the new device themselves, and evaluate its performance before finally going ahead with the purchase.

The device, which is already available in the Japanese market, has been scheduled to hit store shelves nationwide early next month. Stores in the US will be advertising the 3G enabled version for $300, with the Wi Fi only variant available for just $250.

In order to create a worthwhole proposition for its customers, the technology leader has packaged the product with a variety of exciting and beneficial elements. According to GSM Arena, the new costlier 3G version will get the user an 8GB Memory Card, and an AT&T DataConnect Session Pass with 250MB free data (valid for one month from activation) - but the list of benefits does not end there, as the company has also bundled a free PSN game along with the console.

However, Sony is yet to unveil details regarding the free game, and neither did it reveal any information about whether or not one will have the luxury of choosing his/her preferred title.

Experts are of the opinion that the augmented value of the product bundle will be much better in generating consumer satisfaction, with the 8GB memory card in particular already shaping up to be one of the most exciting aspects to come from this highly anticipated offering.