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Samsung Suffers another German Defeat in Patent Suit against Apple

South Korea based consumer electronics behemoth Samsung has suffered another massive setback in its ongoing legal battle against Apple as a German court dismissed one of its patent claims against the iPhone maker on Friday.

The dispute was basically based on the charges brought by Samsung against Apple claiming that the iPhone maker was infringing on a key patent involving a 3G/UMTS wireless telecom standard, currently in possession of the Galaxy maker. The decision was given on Friday by the regional court in Mannheim reports The Korean Times.

Samsung has stated that it is disappointed with the ruling by Judge Andreas Voss. "We will wait for the written grounds of today's judgment, and after thorough review make a decision about a possible appeal to the Higher Regional Court Karlsruhe," a Samsung spokeswoman stated, reports PC Mag.

In a related development, the iPhone maker had filed a couple of lawsuits against Samsung in a German court earlier this month, asking for its intervention to ban five of the Galaxy maker's tablet devices and 10 smartphones.

The tech giants have been dragging each other into courts in a number of countries including Australia, the UK, South Korea and US for quite some time now and both the companies claim that the other is infringing on its crucial patents.