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Sensors in Windows 8 Tablets to Make Apps More Immersive and Attractive

Microsoft has decided to utilise hardware sensors in the Windows 8 OS for tablet computers in various ways including allowing users an enhanced apps-experience and not just for adjusting brightness or rotating elements on screen.

Through the sensors, developers at Microsoft are aiming to bring in a more immersive experience for application users and that too in a natural human understandable manner.

A manager of the Device Connectivity team, Gavin Gear, stated in a Building Windows 8 blog, "Initially, some thought that the need for such sensors was scoped to very few apps, such as specialized games."

"But the more we examined the 3D motion and orientation sensing problem, the more we realized that applications are much more immersive and attractive if they react to the kind of motion humans can easily understand", he further added.

Microsoft is also going to develop a mobile applications store for Windows 8 OS for tablets which will be similar to Apple's App Store and Google's Android Marketplace. Microsoft has urged developers to develop more applications for this platform.

The beta version of the Windows 8 OS will be launched in February and the final version will be made public during second half of 2012.