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Steve Jobs had Bill Gates’ Letter at Bedside during his Final Days

Apple's legendary former boss Steve Jobs received a letter from his business rival Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, which amounted to a lot of appreciation and warmth between the two, a new report claims.

Apparently, the letter meant so much to Mr Jobs that he could not stop himself from keeping it next to his bed during his dying days. The two technology masters, or more philosophically, Gods of the technological world, engaged each other in a raging corporate battle almost right from the beginning of their careers, but eventually settled their differences with a very simple and conventional move - that is by writing a letter.

Steve Jobs had reportedly labelled the Microsoft co-founder as an unimaginative person and went on calling him a person who only had the knowledge of stealing ideas from other sources. This could have been an inevitable outcome of too much competitive spirit between the two legends.

Recently, to cut all the media hype about this rivalry, Gates claimed to have forgotten all about the bitter past, and complimented Jobs' contribution to the industry in a very warm hearted way.

"Steve was an incredible genius who contributed immensely to the field I was in. We had periods, like the early Macintosh, when we had more people working on it than they did. And then we were competitors," Gates stated in the letter, as reported by the Telegraph.