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T-Mobile Introduces Truly Unlimited 'Full Monty' Pay Monthly Deals

Everything Everywhere's T-Mobile announced this morning a new range of pay monthly contracts called the Full Monty, which promise to offer genuinely unlimited everything from as little as £41 per month with a free handset.

All four plans included in the Full Monty are 24 months long and include unlimited Wi-Fi courtesy of BT Openzone (with a rather weird exception - "excluding any sites providing access to any organisation or location which is part of the Olympic Games in London in 2012"), unlimited calls to T-Mobile customers, unlimited texts, unlimited internet including tethering, streaming and downloading.

In other words, no fair usage restrictions although the cheapest offer only provides 2000 cross network minutes for £36 compared to unlimited for the £41, £46 and £61 offers. As for the handsets, the iPhone 4S costs £99 on the £36 package, £29 on the £41 package and free on the £46 one (ed : essentially, you're paying £91 extra to get the same phone with the latter).

The offer will be available from the 1st of February online from T-Mobile and its affiliates although new and existing customers can already preorder bundles by calling T-Mobile.

The plan will be available for all phones sold by T-Mobile including the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry handsets but there will not be any SIM Free versions for now.

Interestingly enough, T-Mobile already offers a £56.17 monthly plan which includes unlimited everything; it comes without the tethering option, Wi-Fi or upgrade to Apple's iPhone. We guess customers on this package will be looking for a deep discount (at least £15) from T-Mobile soon.