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THQ Lays Off 14 Australian Staff, Could be Closing Japan Office

THQ Australia has made 14 of its staff redundant and there are rumours that the Japan office of the publishing giant could be permanently closed.

This first part of this announcement isn't wholly surprising, as THQ did announce just a few days ago that publishing and administrative staff at several of its studios would be reduced - the only caveat being that the five main internal studios wouldn't be affected. While the publisher hasn't commented itself on the staff layoffs, Kotaku has it from a good source that at least 14 are now looking for work. No word yet on what positions they previously held within the company.

However, the unconfirmed report that the Japan office is set to close is a far bigger event. This would imply the layoff of far more than just publishing and admin staff. While this would suggest THQ was going back on its earlier claims, it does lend a bit of credence to the officially denied rumour that the publisher could be setting itself up for sale.

Whatever the plan for the long game is, THQ has had plenty going on as of late. Along with other announcements, it was released that the publisher would no longer be working on titles for children and younger audiences.

Hey, at least it's not touched my beloved Relic. I want Dawn of War III dammit!

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