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T-Mobile US providing Extra Support for Unlocked iPhones from Today

Although Apple has been reluctant to offer an iPhone deal to the fourth US carrier, many T-Mobile subscribers have decided to stay behind their favourite carrier instead of going to Sprint, AT&T or Verizon to get the latest iPhone.

More than one million T-Mobile customers have bought unlocked iPhones with which they access T-Mobile's compatible 2G EDGE network, which is far slower than those offered by rivals.

Now, as TmoNews reports, T-Mobile has decided to repay the customers' loyalty and offer improved support for iPhones running on its network from January 30th, although this doesn't mean faster speeds will be available.

As TmoNews discovered from a leaked internal document, T-Mobile's new strategy towards unlocked iPhone owners, includes providing "common procedures, information about features and specifications and other basic device questions." In addition, iPhone owners who are also T-Mobile customers will have dedicated support pages on the carrier's Community webpages.

Additionally, iPhone owners will be able to ask for assistance related to the hardware issues from T-Mobile, and employees will be given access to relevant information in this regard.

However, this is only a small step to accomodate iPhone owners, as they still are limited to the slow 2G EDGE network and cannot access T-Mobile's WCDMA 1700/2100 band.