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Transport for London Live Traffic Website Launched

A live traffic website has been launched by the Transport for London (TfL) in order to allow drivers in the capital city access to real-time information about traffic hotspots.

The idea behind this move is basically to reduce traffic congestion and hence making commuting within the city a lot more easier task than it is today. An enhanced traffic guide has been provided on the website as well.

As of now, the new set up consists of 170 "jam cams", in addition to which, real-time information on traffic incidents as well as road works etc. are regularly updated on the website. The updated information can also be accessed via a new Twitter feed started by the TfL and it will contain more or less the same data as featured on the site.

"Those who know their route well can now pre-empt any congested areas by checking online before they set out on their journey, or - when safe - take advantage of our @TfLTrafficNews Twitter feed for advance warning of any congestion ahead," Garrett Emmerson, chief operating officer for surface transport at TfL, stated, BBC News reports.

The new website has been applauded by the london city dwellers.