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Windows 8 now stable on ARM, available to developers soon

According to media reports, the Windows 8 operating system is reportedly now stable on ARM - and will be made available to developers as soon as February.

With the unnamed source claiming to have spent a significant amount of time with a certain high profile device produced by a leading PC maker, not only does it offer stability, but also quite the impressive performance.

"In October of last year, [Windows 8 on ARM] scared the industry because it was unstable," revealed a second source. "But what we are seeing now is quite stable."

They further added: "We haven't heard this directly from Microsoft, but we've heard this from the hardware partners that [Microsoft] is working with. We've been promised something in the February time frame," reported CNET.

The source also pointed out the advantages of the ARM chip based devices: first and foremost, such ARM chip-based devices cost far less compared to Intel-based devices and that there was no real difference in the device's performance. There are other advantages also, however, it may appear that we have no other option but to wait for an official statement from the company in order to confirm these statements.