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Windows Phone "Tango" to include an additional 120 languages as well as C++

The next release of the Windows Phone operating system, "Tango", is rumoured to support a huge number of additional languages as well as English, including the C++ programming language.

Mango currently supports 35 different languages and the soon to be launched version will see a further 120 languages added to its existing package. For Microsoft, this is an extremely important and crucial step in targeting a wider audience as they wish to sell their Windows Phone devices on a global scale.

Further information was also disclosed at a Windows Phone Developer Camp held on 28th January in India.

Earlier reports suggest that the software giant has every intention to enter into various additional markets, including developing countries such as China and India. In fact, with its arch rival iOS supporting 34 languages and Google's Android currently supporting 55 languages, it is believed that the Windows Phone will have the upper hand over its competitors, reported Live Side.

During the event, the company also confirmed that with the "new release" developers will also be allowed to develop apps for the Windows Phone platform, with the help of C++ programming language. However, it is not yet clear whether the "next release" applies to the next version of the Operating System or the SDK.

Hopefully, the company's attendance at Mobile World Congress 2012 will reveal more information about Tango.