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Windows Phone Tango to integrate both Skype and Google Plus

One of the best and most powerful features of the Windows Phone operating system is its messaging integration, and an alleged screenshot of the Tango update shows that both Skype and Google Plus have been integrated into this platform's messenger hub.

However, the integration of Skype is not at all a surprise due to Microsoft's acquisition of Skype, and it was pretty obvious that the Redmond-based software giant would add this service to the Windows Phone 7. In fact, it was speculated that the integration will not take place until the next major version of this platform is released, known as Apollo.

Yet should the screenshot prove to be true, then the integration will take place soon, with Google's social network also to be added to this platform.

The source providing the screenshot later claimed that they had experienced text chatting via Skype as well as Google+, with both running smoothly. Unfortunately, the only issue appears to be Skype, with further work needed on its voice calling feature. In fact, Skype's video calling service will also work on Tango but the Google Plus Hangouts video calling service has yet to be fully functional, reported GSM Arena.

However, the authenticity of the screenshot remains to be seen and thus nothing can be said with full certainty.