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£349.97 Buffalo LinkStation Duo 6TB (2x 3TB) NAS Drive

Buffalo brings to the gigantic LinkStation Duo which is a high performance, multimedia, shared RAID network storage solution good for homes as well as small offices allowing you to centrally store and share files, photos, video and music.

The 6TB NAS will let you store tons and tons of data without worrying of shortage in space. The LinkStation Duo is quite easy to configure and installation is simple thanks to the intuitive web-based interface.

Two hot swappable 3TB serial ATA 300 drives make up the 6TB NAS and it supports RAID 0, RAID 1. The NAS lets you stream multimedia content to a PC, Mac and any other DLNA or UPnP Certified media player or computing system. Beyond this you may also share movies, photos and documents with friends and family on your home network or with your colleagues in small office environment. In case you want to access data remotely that is also possible through Buffalo's Web Access feature.

Data transfer rates of up to 40MBps ensure enhanced performance and if you are streaming a movie or music you are never going to face buffering or latency or any other such issues. The LinkStation Duo also integrates seamlessly with iTunes thus allowing you to access your favourite playlists from your iTunes software.

The Buffalo LinkStation Duo 6TB (2x 3TB) NAS Drive is available from eBuyer for £349.97.