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350 UK Prisoners Used Facebook to Taunt their Victims

In what could be termed as a rather bizarre and shocking use of social media sites, it was found that as many as 350 violent criminals serving their terms in jail used Facebook to taunt victims and their family.

The disclosure was made by the Ministry of Justice and as per their statistics, hundreds of the prisoners were accessing social media platforms without the consent of the authorities. Facebook was quick to react and closed all those Facebook profiles following an investigation by the prison officials.

Though inmates are actually not allowed to access the Internet, most of the times, they do it via mobile phones smuggled into the prison. A couple of years back, Colin Gunn - one of the most notorious gangster in the UK was caught using Facebook to threaten his enemies while serving his sentence in a high security prison cell.

"These perpetrators should not be able to have access to mobile phones in prison," Jean Taylor, from Families fighting for Justice stated, as reported by The Telegraph.

Taylor added by saying that: "They are getting away with torturing their victims. The social networking sites should police this much more closely!"