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Abit Website will Close on 28th February

Legendary ex-motherboard maker Abit is set to close its website at the end of February, marking a real end to an era.

The once upon a time Taiwanese PC hardware maker shut up shop in 2009 with an announcement at the time stating that certain elements of the company would be maintained for three years to cover any outstanding warranties and need for product driver downloads. That three year period is now up and it's come time to shut down the Abit site, one of the last remaining relics of the once great firm.

Visiting at this time gives you the usual page, but with the following caveat "Remind: The website will stop providing service on 28st of February, 2012." Weirdly the copyright information underneath this is even further out of date: 2006.

Clicking through to the site proper is a bit (get it?) depressing if you're an old school user of the hardware. The latest news post is listed as 14th November 2008, detailing how great Abit's first Taiwan FunFab Roadshow went.

Starting in 1989, Abit quickly became one of the top motherboard manufacturers in the world. By the late 1990s, it had carved a nice niche for itself as part of the enthusiast game too, helping to pioneer BIOS overclocking instead of using CPU jumpers.