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AM News: Windows Phone Tango, Sony PlayStation Vita under £200, Windows 8 Stable on ARM, Samsung Bada 2.0 Update

One of the best and most powerful features of the Windows Phone operating system is its messaging integration, and an alleged screenshot of the Tango update shows that both Skype and Google Plus have been integrated into this platform's messenger hub.

The soon-to-be-released Sony PS Vita has finally broken the psychological £200 barrier, as it has gone on sale on Ebay (via a reputable online retailer) for £199.95 on preorder, a full £30 off its suggested retail price. Sony's next generation portable gaming console is set to be launched in the UK on the 22nd of February although the retailer, entertainment-cave, says it might be shipped sooner depending on when its stock arrives.

Windows 8 operating system is reportedly now stable on ARM - and will be made available to developers as soon as February. With the unnamed source claiming to have spent a significant amount of time with a certain high profile device produced by a leading PC maker, not only does it offer stability, but also quite the impressive performance.

A new survey claims that London has the slowest average 3G speed in comparison to the other nine largest cities in the UK. The research was carried out by leading price comparison portal uSwitch, and according to its findings, the average 3G mobile broadband speed in London stood only at 2.71 Mbps - almost 24 per cent slower than that of Portsmouth (3.56 Mbps); the city with the fastest average 3G connectivity speed in the entire UK.

Samsung's home grown operating system Bada is to release a new update 2.0 that will be arriving especially for S8500 Wave smartphones. In fact, a leaked version of the ROMs was already available in the market but already the official version is deemed to be a lot safer as well as complete.