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Amazon May Have Sold 6 Million Kindle Fire Tablets: Analyst

A new report suggests that the retail giant Amazon sold over 6 million units of its flagship tablet device - Kindle Fire during the last quarter of 2011.

Amazon's Kindle Fire was one of the most anticipated tablet last year until its launch in the month of November last year and consumers have given positive reviews about the tablet; however, till date it is not clear as to how many units of this device have been shipped. The company has kept the sales figures a mystery and has only stated that they sold millions of Kindle Fires.

Recently Jordan Rohan, an analyst at Stifel Nocolas, stated in a report that even though he earlier estimated that the number of sold devices during that quarter will be five million, Kindle Fire has exceeded this number and around six million units have been sold in that quarter.

The report states: "Kindle Fire has staked out an important market position due to its loyal Amazon customer base and attractive (low) device pricing" and that "We believe the lower hardware price will correlate with high e-book and video content attach rates", reports Tab Times.

Even though many analysts earlier suggested that by selling the tablet at such a low cost Amazon is facing some loss; having sold such huge numbers of Kindle Fires would definitely put the company in a win-win situation as it would certainly be making profits through sales of apps and digital content.