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Android Humble Bundle Goes Live

The latest Humble Bundle has gone live, this time supporting not only Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, but Android OS as well.

This is the first time that the Indi gaming bundle has supported the mobile orientated operating system, massively expanding the potential marketplace since there are over a hundred million handsets and tablets out there now that use it.

Just as before this bundle comes without digital rights management (DRM) and is on a pay-what-you-want model. While I wouldn't be surprised if more are added later, the current list of games available is:

  • Osmos
  • Edge
  • Anomaly

And if you pay over the average (currently $4.48) you can get world of Goo as well.

As always, part of what you pay for the Humble Bundle also gets distributed amongst the Child Play and Electronic Frontier Foundation charities.

Just buy it, even if you don't want to play. It's $5. The Android bundle is going to be available only for the next 14 days so it would be better if you wouldn't waste time thinking about it.