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Android's Menu Button To Be Replaced With Action Bar

According to recent reports, the menu button on Google's Android platform is dead, and will instead be replaced by the action bar.

The company has yet to make any official announcement concerning this news, but if we are to believe Scott Main, lead tech writer for, it is better for the Android developers community to take a different approach in the development of their apps - as the standard menu button is likely to extinct pretty soon.

It is worth noting that the menu option has already been removed from a select few Android devices, with the Ice Cream Sandwich powered Samsung Galaxy Nexus being a prime example in this new trend. According to Main, this could only be the beginning - as Google is preparing to equip all future handsets with just three on-screen buttons - Home, Back and Recent Apps.

"Honeycomb removed the reliance on physical buttons, and introduced the ActionBar class as the standard solution to make actions from the user options immediately visible and quick to invoke," stated Main in his blog.

"In order to provide the most intuitive and consistent user experience in your apps, you should migrate your designs away from using the Menu button and toward using the action bar," he added.