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Apple could Sell 40 million iPhones in China in 2013

After Apple announced jaw-dropping earnings last week, where analysts are now making yet more encouraging predictions related to the iPhone's performance on the global market.

This time, a report by Apple Insider focuses on Apple's second largest national market after the US - China. Analyst Katy Huberty, from investment bank Morgan Stanley, predicts that Apple will successfully pursue its strategy to tap the huge potential of the Chinese market, by closing deals with China Telecom and China Mobile.

The result of making iPhones available on these carriers could be translated into 40 million Apple handsets sold in the country in 2013.

Currently, Apple's partnership with China Unicom provides access to only 10% of the 150M "high-end Chinese subscribers". The most powerful carrier on this market, China Mobile, can potentially deliver 120 million better-off subscribers. In addition, an expected partnership between Apple and China Telecom will bring another 10%.

Bringing all these predictions together, Katy Huberty suggests Apple will see a base case of 26 million incremental iPhone sales on the Chinese market during 2013, with the bull case being 40 million iPhones sold in China in the next calendar year.