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Apple iPhone 5 : What We DON'T Know [Rant]

Given the amount of drivel being written around what we already know about the iPhone 5, it seemed fit to get an article out about what we still don't know. Actually, we still do not know whether it will be called the iPhone 5.

All journalists got burnt last year when the iPhone 5 name was widely used as the codename for the next generation iPhone only for Apple to prove everyone wrong by adhering to the same naming convention from two generations ago, adding an S to the iPhone 4.

Amongst other things, we still don't know the size of the screen, its processor (and speed), the amount of onboard system memory, the release date, the screen resolution, the battery life, the release date, the pricing and the number of models that will go on sale.

We also do not know whether it will come with NFC, whether it will make tea in the morning, will have a bigger girth or whether Siri will become more intelligent.

There have been a huge number of rumours but the overwhelming majority of them are likely to be nothing more than speculation, hearsay, hoaxes or daydreams in which Apple may even have played a major role.

In a nutshell, the followup to the iPhone 4S will come out with whatever features Apple thinks is reasonable enough to lure tens of millions of users into its online and offline stores while making sure that it keeps enough flaws and aspirations for the subsequent versions.

After all, that's the exact strategy Apple used for the iPod range which has lasted for more than 10 years now and seen 22 different versions of what is, in essence, a portable audio player.