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Asda Cuts Price Of Kobo eReader Touch To £87

The newly introduced Kobo eReader touch has had its price cut by 10 per cent with British supermarket Asda now selling it for £87.

The device, which was Wired Magazine's 2012 Editor's pick for best eReader, has a soft-quilted back and a 6-inch eInk touchscreen display that allows users to read even in bright sunlight.

Kobo, which is owned by Japanese giant Ratuken, has tied its reader to its own eBook store which contains more than 2.5 million ebooks.

Other features include a Freescale IMX 508 chipset clocked at 800MHz, 256MB RAM, one month battery life, 2GB onboard storage (with 1GB user accessible space), a microSD card slot that can accommodate 32GB microSD cards, a USB port, Wi-Fi and supports a wide range of formats including JPG, PDF, EPUB and RTF.

In comparison, the Amazon Kindle is marginally more expensive at £89. Like the eReader touch, it has a 6-inch display but also offers a higher capacity (1400 books), free cloud backup but doesn't have any storage expansion capabilities.

Should you want to expand your search to similar sized tablets then there are a raft of devices available for under £100, although none of them offer the same screen quality or battery life.