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BlackBerry named as UK's best-selling smartphone for two years running

Canadian tech outfit Research In Motion has proudly announced that its BlackBerry range has emerged as the best selling smartphone in the UK market, for the second consecutive year.

According to the latest statistics, BlackBerry managed to bag approximately 27.7 per cent of market shares in the UK's smartphone market. The overall number of global subscribers grew by almost 35 per cent to 75 million during 2011, in comparison to 2010.

Apparently, the growth in the device's global sales figure can be primarily attributed to the rising demands in the developing world.

"We've moved the market up by around 40 per cent by offering a proposition people can see the value in," BlackBerry Managing Director for the UK and Ireland, Stephen Bates, stated, as reported by The Telegraph.

He added: "there is no shortage of innovation at BlackBerry - we just have to crack this delivery and Thorsten [the new RIM chief executive] is a great man for that."

According to a new report published by the research agency comScore Inc, RIM's share in the US smartphone market decreased by almost 16.6 per cent during the months of September, October and November 2011.