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Charge an iPad 2 Wirelessly with LaunchPort

One of the latest technologies showcased in various new devices at the Consumers Electronics Show earlier this month, is inductive charging, which is the basis of the new LaunchPort system for iPad 2.

Form now on, owners of the latest iPad will be able to charge their Apple tablet wirelessly, PC World reports. The iPad 2 slips into a specially designed sleeve called a PowerShuttle that is placed on a tabletop BaseStation or WallStation. The system is based on induction technology, which involves the production of an electric current across a conductor moving through a magnetic field.

Skipping the scientific explanation, it means that as soon as it is magnetically mounted to a station, the PowerShuttle starts charging wirelessly. The convenience of the LaunchPort system also comes with an aesthetic advantage, having a lack of wires. In addition, the tablet can be rotated 360 degrees while charging, which makes the system even more comfortable to use.

To make the gadget even more interesting, the sleeve that encases the iPad has its own speakers that amplify the sound played by the tablet. The WallStation does need some wiring though, but after a handyman has done the job, the owner can show off their hi-tech, sleek looking and useful gadget.