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Cheapest iPhone 4S Deal In UK Now Costs £31 Per Month

The price of the cheapest no-upfront-fee monthly contract for the Apple iPhone 4S in the UK, arguably the most sought after smartphone of its generation, is rapidly approaching £30.

Online retailer Dialaphone is offering it on a two year contract with Vodafone for as little as £31 with a total cost of ownership of £744.

Also on offer is the possibility to double your number of minutes for an additional fiver. The deal - which does not take into account any cashback offers (Topcashback gives up to £50.50) includes 300 cross network minutes, unlimited texts per month plus 500MB data, but apparently no Wi-Fi although you should get Vodafone's Passport service.

Surprisingly, Dialaphone has managed to undercut Vodafone's own price by a staggering £199 - which represents the upfront fee required by the mobile phone operator on its website.

The iPhone 4S improves marginally on the original iPhone 4 by adding a dual core processor, the A5, improving the onboard camera and adding a new voice control Assistant called Siri.

Should you opt for the iPhone 4 instead, it is currently available from e2save via uSwitch on Three Networks for £25 per month with 300 minutes, 5000 texts and 500MB data.