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Clear App for iPhone is To-do List with Minimalist, Intuitive UI

"Life is messy", or so the makers of a new iPhone to-do app called 'Clear' inform us. They also offer a solution: "Clear is designed to help you manage your life without adding clutter."

Created by Phill Ryu, designer David Lanham, and publisher Realmac Software, the Clear app is reportedly far simpler than traditional pencil-written to-do lists.

The app is specially designed to help iPhone owners put their tasks in order, with a simple-to-use, attractive interface that displays colour-coded tasks, arranged by importance.

ARS Technica was given a preview of the app at the recent Macworld|iWorld 2012 event, by Nik Fletcher of Realmac Software, which apparently took just 30 seconds, because of the app's simplicity.

Intuitive movements allow simple actions like adding tasks and putting them in order, marking completed tasks with a right swipe and deleting them from the list with a left swipe.

One of the aspects that makes Clear app intriguing, is its sleek, simple design that lacks the unnecessary standard navigation bar, at the top or tab bar at the bottom. The app displays only stripes with tasks arranged from red to yellow in order of importance.

The team behind Clear say it should be available for iPhone users in early February.