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Don't Blame iPhone 4S's Siri for Congested Networks

Ever since Siri, the most talked about feature of Apple's latest iPhone, was unveiled, reports have cropped up to suggest that the voice control Assistant is to blame for slow network connection speeds.

A recent such article on The Washington Post titled 'How Siri is Ruining your Cellphone Service', dubs Siri a "bandwidth guzzler".

It is said that 25 million iPhone 4S owners were overloading carrier networks, by plying Siri with numerous questions on every topic imaginable. However, an article on Forbes jumps in to defend Siri's honour.

The piece was authored by someone who ought to be well-informed on the technical ins and outs of Siri: Gary Morgenthaler, who has been on the board of both Siri and Nuance Communications. He points out that the average data consumed with each Siri query is 63 kilobytes, a number confirmed by Ars Technica tests.

This data consumption is very small relative to iCloud, YouTube, Pandora and other services, and by no means can account for accusations that Siri is to a large extent responsible for doubling data traffic on iPhone 4S carrier networks, as some reports suggest.

To further plea Siri's innocence Gary Morgenthaler explains: "Assuming, on the high side, that iPhone users invoke Siri an average of 15 times per day, that will generate 28 Mbytes of data traffic per month. Siri's 28 Mbytes would be between 5% to 8% monthly net addition, depending upon which study you choose. That leaves 92% to 95% of the incremental traffic unexplained."

Radu has been working as a freelance writer for more than five years and has been blogging around since 2004. He is interested in anything Apple as well as gaming and mobile applications.