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Ethical iPhone 5 - Group Calls For Apple To Be Good

A little known group called SumOfUs has called for Apple to make the iPhone 5 the first ethical iPhone (and indeed the first ethical smartphone) on the market.

SumOfUs, which calls itself, a global movement of consumers, investors and workers from all around the world, claims that it has more than 162,000 members worldwide.

The petition comes after an article in the New York Times criticised Apple for turning a blind eye to the working conditions of Chinese workers who assemble the tens of millions of devices the US-based company sells every year.

It also highlights the fact that people have been dying while making Apple products, referring to the documented cases of explosions at Foxconn factories that produce the iPad tablets or workers dying of exhaustion working shifts of up sixty hours.

Nearly 40,000 signatures have been collected since the start of the petition which wants Apple to "overhaul the way its suppliers treat their workers".

The petition, which has been shared on Facebook and Twitter almost 9,000 times at the time of writing, also asks whether the petitioner owns an iPhone, iPad or iPod device.