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HTC Evo 3D Caught Running Windows 95

Someone from the XDA-developers forum has managed to run Microsoft's antiquated Windows 95 operating system on an HTC Evo 3D smartphone.

The phone also managed to run Windows 98, Windows XP and Linux as well (although we're not sure which distribution was used).

The trick was achieved by using the Bochs Pentium emulator APK with the disk image of the chosen operating system.

It is not the first time that enthusiasts have managed to run Windows 95 on a smartphone. A well documented example includes using the Nokia N95 with an application called DosBox and a Windows 95 image.

Those willing to replicate the installation can follow the instructions on the XDA-developer forum and grab the necessary files (although we suspect that Microsoft may still consider it as being blatant piracy).

Ironically, the dual core processor in the HTC Evo 3D - a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8660 clocked at 1.2GHz - is more powerful than anything that ran Windows 95 in its heyday.

We're not sure though how to do the cursed ctrl+alt+del key combo on a smartphone yet or how to solve a blue screen of death. Removing the battery perhaps?