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IBM help US police departments tackle crime thanks to software analytics

Police departments in both Las Vegas, Nevada and Rochester, Minnesota, are taking advantage of IBM's high tech analytics to help forecast crime "hot spots" and pursue leads quicker. With the assistance of software analytics, Rochester law enforcement agencies hope to be able to make better crime pattern detections and predictions.

By creating an improved database with reliable information using the software analytics, the police departments hope to achieve their goal in making their cities safer.

In Las Vegas, a programme named "Coplink" will be started under which data stored in four agency databases will be organised to aid the police department in making "nonobvious connections" amongst places, people and other factors such as vehicles and mobile phones.

As the world's largest computer services provider, IBM has had plenty of experience working with police departments in New York, Memphis and Los Angeles to help tackle crime effectively. The company mine data from various types of resources, including arrest records, surveillance video as well as Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Director of IBM's Public Safety Initiatives, Mark Cleverley, stated: "We're using intelligent tools to help find things that are hidden in the large amount of data that police already have,"

He further added that the company was "generating more and more quantities of data, so you need these kinds of tools to be able to make sense of that information," reported the San Francisco Chronicle.