iPad Owners get Mobile Television in Europe with Tizi Go

Equinox, a company based in Munich, Germany, has introduced a specially designed receiver that allows iPad users to enjoy hours of television programs on their tablet, with a truly mobile DVB-T TV solution.

Tizi Go is a dongle receiver different from the earlier version, Tizi, that transmitted signal over a Wi-Fi connection to Apple devices. The smaller member of the Tizi family, Tizi Go pairs with the iPad directly via the dock connector. Then the iPad only needs the tizi.tv app, so it can receive an over the air DVB-T signal.

The app offers users the freedom to record live programs, pause or rewind them, ModMyi reports. To make the gadget even more interesting, users have the option of transferring the recorded programs to iTunes.

The electronic program schedule that the app provides is not bound by an Internet connection. The Tizi Go receiver is much smaller and more delicate than the wireless Tizi. The power consumption is also very convenient, as Tizi Go needs a small amount of battery in standby mode, and requires recharging very rarely (which is a good thing considering charging and watching TV cannot happen simultaneously).

Tizi Go offers 9 hours of TV viewing, while the iPad is in airplane mode, with the display at a brightness of 30%.