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Judge Dismisses Oracle’s Fraud Claim against HP

Oracle's bid to undo a deal by using a fraudulent claim has been rejected by a Californian court. The company cited fraud committed by HP for defending its decision to withdraw support for Itanium processor software.

On Monday, a 21 page ruling was pronounced by Judge James P. Kleinberg of the Superior Court of California, Santa Clara County. The ruling mentions that, "The alleged fraud did not prevent Oracle from participating in the negotiations or deprive Oracle of the opportunity to negotiate."

Here the Judge referred to the settlement agreement of HP with Mark Hurd in the year 2010. Oracle was never a party to the litigation filed by HP against Hurd, but the company's participation in settlement negotiations in the Hurd litigation was definitely extensive the judge added, stated Computer World.

Last year in the month of March, Oracle disclosed that the company will not be supporting Intel's Itanium processor powered servers on their latest versions of various products like database. According to the database company, these Intel processors are "nearing end-of-life".

In the month of June HP, user of Itanium processor in its high end servers, filed a suit against Oracle before the Santa Clara county court. Oracle in the suit claimed that HP deliberately chose not to disclose various details during Hurd settlement.