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Noon News: UK MPs Grill Google Execs, Tilera's Many-core Processor, Prisoners Taunt Victims through Facebook

Google was subject to severe criticism by the UK authorities for not taking appropriate measures to remove the images from the Max Mosley orgy video. Google was earlier alleged for not making endeavours to take down the images and executives from the search engine giant did not have a choice but to face a bitter question hour session from the MPs.

Tilera launched its latest 36 core processor Tile-GX36 and according to this company this processor will take over the traditional x86 server chips manufactured by Intel due to its performance-per-watt factor. The semiconductor company clarified that this latest processor has been specifically designed to be used on those servers which handle huge volume of online transactions.

A recent report shows that teenagers are ditching Facebook for Twitter. A more thorough view to this trend reveals that Twitter is increasingly becoming a popular choice for the teenagers, but they are undoubtedly not replacing Facebook. However, certain youths appear to possess a preference for Facebook over Twitter.

In what could be termed as a rather bizarre and shocking use of social media sites, it was found that as many as 350 violent criminals serving their terms in jail used Facebook to taunt victims and their family. The disclosure was made by the Ministry of Justice and as per their statistics, hundreds of the prisoners were accessing social media platforms without the consent of the authorities.

The tab features to be used with the next version of Firefox are rumoured to be taking longer than originally suggested. According to reports, the home tab as well as new-tab page features which were to be unveiled with Firefox 12 may now be delayed until the launch of Firefox 13.