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Rep. Markey Releases Draft Of Mobile Device Privacy Act

A recent Bill passed by the US government would require cellphone carriers to disclose details of tracking software installed on the mobiles of their customers. Rep. Edward Markey (D-Mass.), unveiled a draft of a cellphone privacy bill according to which it has been made mandatory for all carriers to inform the subscribers about any tracking software installed, on their mobile devices.

The Mobile Device Privacy Act serves as an answer to the huge controversy of Carrier IQ that broke out at the end of 2011. The Bill dictates the carriers to disclose whether or not any tracking software is installed on the user's phone, and if it is they would immediately have to inform the users the purpose for installing the software.

Before collecting any data it has been made compulsory for all downloadable apps that use tracking software to take their users' permission.

According to Fierce Mobile Content, another imperative issue which has been inculcated in this bill is that if any carrier or app developer wishes to share any confidential data about the consumer with a third party, they would have to file the deal with the Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission.

The earlier records of Carrier IQs were not deemed commendable, as they were used by carriers to "spy" on their users.