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Sapphire Debuts two Radeon HD 7950s

Along with other manufacturers Sapphire is to debut its HD 7950 this morning, though this graphics card maker has two different options available.

Both were built with the new AMD 7000 series 28nm process and include 1792 stream processors with a 384 bit memory interface. Each will also provide an impressive memory bandwidth of 264GBps thanks to the included 3GB of GDDR5.

However the similarities end there. The standard version comes with a clock speed of 810MHZ and features a dual slot, single fan cooler. This is about all the information Sapphire provides for that graphics processing unit (GPU) with much more emphasis put on the high performance Dual-X variant. This one is known as the Sapphire HD 7950 OC Edition and comes with a factory overclock pushing the core to 900MHZ.

The Dual X tag comes from the new dual fan cooler it sports, which uses a "highly efficient multi-heatpipe," design to allow for cool and quiet operation "during normal operating conditions and superb cooling performance even under extreme load."

Being part of the new AMD 7000 series these cards also provide support for DirectX 11.1 under the new Windows 8 operating system as well as DirectCompute 11 and improved multi-threaded communications with the central processor.

Interface wise you're looking at PCI-Express 3.0 for added bandwidth and improved performance in Crossfire configurations. Rear ports include DVI, HDMI and two mini DisplayPorts making eyefinity over six displays possible.