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Teenagers switch from Facebook to Twitter

A recent report from the Associated Press shows that teenagers are ditching Facebook, for Twitter. A more thorough view to this trend reveals that Twitter is increasingly becoming a popular choice for the teenagers, but they are undoubtedly not replacing Facebook.

However, certain youths appear to possess a preference for Facebook over Twitter. The reason for this switch seems to be the desire in young men to keep their conversations private, enjoying the luxury of choosing whom they wish to reveal their private matters to.

Facebook is now becoming a penchant material for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles - with young people shifting their territory of socialising to Twitter, according to an Associated Press report published on CBS News.

The pivotal fascinating factor causing teenagers to switch to Twitter is the ease and uncomplicated use of the micro blogging platform. Teenagers find it very ‘cool' to write or share their views on things which they are exposed to in their environment. The best part is that they can send their views in by writing small text messeges, to a smaller circle of friends.

They also admire the facility of possessing multiple accounts with anonymous and unreal names. This kind of service is extremely popular for those not wanting to reveal their identity, and instead play an anonymous character whilst sharing their views with the world.

The report also claimed that as of July 2011, approximately 16 per cent of teenagers in the US are using Twitter, compared to just 8 per cent back in 2009.