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THQ Could be Delisted from Nasdaq

THQ's problems continue to mount with the threat of delisting from the Nasdaq exchange now hanging over its head.

Because the publishing giant has had a share price that closed below $1 for 30 consecutive days, it now has until 23rd July (180 calendar days) to get above $1 for 10 business days in a row. If THQ doesn't manage to meet this threshold, it will be stricken from the exchange.

This isn't the first video game company to be in this sort of position. As Joystiq reports, Atari historically was booted from Nasdaq in 2008.

THQ hasn't been doing well recently and has received a lot of headlines about its woes. First off was a big change up in type of games it would be making, with a full ditching of all kid friendly titles. There's also been several layoffs in Australia and Japan, with more promised reductions in staff at all but the main internal studios.

Some have speculated that all of these comings and goings could be a lead up to the publishing giant announcing it would be going up for sale, but we'll have to wait until 2nd February for the official word from THQ.