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Tilera Outs New 36-core Server Processor Chips

On Monday, Tilera launched its latest 36 core processor Tile-GX36 and according to the company this processor will take over the traditional x86 server chips manufactured by Intel due to its performance-per-watt factor.

The semiconductor company clarified that this latest processor has been specifically designed to be used on those servers which handle huge volume of online transactions. At the beginning the chip will be shipped at 1.2GHz clock speed and will be drawing up to 24 watts power.

Bob Doud, director of marketing of San Jose, California based Tilera said, "A Gx36 is running at a much higher clock speed ... and with a lot more cache it cranks out more work per core, so we end up seeing higher net performance with a 36-core chip", reported PC Mag.

It seems the low powered processors are making it big in global technology market. For example, low powered ARM processors are widely used on smartphones as well as tablet computer these days.

Even though ARM processors are a good competition for Tilera's latest processor, according to Doud, Tilera offers more powerful chips that have 64 bit capabilities. At present ARM offers only 32 bit at the moment.