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Twitter CEO employs changes for transparency, not censorship

Having been subject to criticism from various sources for its newly introduced censorship policy, microblogging platform Twitter has announced that the changes were made with the vision of making censorship on the site more transparent.

Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo, also defended the latest move by stating that the changes have been made with no malicious intention of proactively monitoring each and every "tweet" posted on the site as feared by many critics, and also that it would make the entire mechanism a lot clearer for users.

He explained that the site would respond to government's official requests only, and will leave the censored tweets open for the rest of its global users.

Costolo further stated that the company was adopting "the most honest, transparent and forward-looking way. You can't reside in countries and not operate within the law," as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

The CEO has ruled out that the changes had been embraced by the company in order to extend its presence in countries with a rigid censorship policy, such as China or Iran.

"I don't think the current environment in China is one in which we can operate," Mr. Costolo stated.