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UK Needs To Better Prepare Themselves Against Potential Cyber Attacks

Whilst the UK has been deemed well prepared to tackle any imminent large scale cyber attack, it still has a long way to go before it can establish an effective, full-proof shield to guard the country's cyberspace, claims a new study carried out by McAfee and Security & Defence Agenda (SDA).

The report ranked a total of 23 countries worldwide on the account of cybersecurity readiness with Israel, Finland and Sweden sharing the top spot with 4.5 points each on a scale of five.

The UK, along with France, the US and Germany managed to bag 4 points, whereas India, Mexico and Brazil were ranked towards the bottom.

Phyllis Schneck, the Chief Technology Officer of the public sector at McAfee, stated that as of today, no countries were ahead of cybercriminals. According to her, the bad guys in the digital arena are simply "faster and swifter" than the good guys.

"We're up against an adversary that has no boundaries, and we have to go to meetings and write reports to put data together. We're at a huge disadvantage," Schneck stated, as reported by the CIO.