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Xbox 720 Not Getting Launched this Year Says Microsoft Exec

Sad day for all Xbox loyalists who were eagerly waiting for the arrival of the Xbox 360 successor as a Microsoft executive has confirmed that the Xbox 720 won't be hitting store shelves this year.

The revelation by Microsoft France's Cedrick Delmas did not come as a surprise to many as the company is yet to introduce a price cut in the Xbox 360 - meaning the console's life cycle is yet to get over.

But then, there were still all those optimistic fans who were dreaming about laying their hands on the next generation Microsoft console at the forthcoming E3 conference - the same annual event where tech heavyweights from all over the world unite and flaunt the best of their future products.

And, it's not just Microsoft - apparently the Japan based tech giant Sony is also not showing any sign of unveiling the next generation PlayStation console anytime soon.

Unlike Sony and Microsoft though, Nintendo is all set to dish out the much anticipated Wii U console by the end of end of this year - sometime around Christmas to be more specific - in the Japanese, US and European markets.

[Source: Reg Hardware]