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Zuckerberg’s Roommate Turned Down Facebook Offer, Missed Out on $400 Million

Joe Green, a college room-mate of Mark Zuckerberg, has disclosed that he turned down the offer to help in starting the popular social networking website Facebook. This eventually cost him millions of dollars - $400 Million to be precise.

Green, who shared a dormitory with the Facebook founder at Harvard University in the year 2004, is still a friend of the second youngest billionaire in the world. Zuckerberg offered Green to leave university and help him start Facebook. However, green decided to follow his father's advice and stayed at the university whereas Zuckeberg went to Silicon Valley and started his journey to name, fame and lots of money.

Green also added that the troubles brought in by Zuckerberg's previous project Facemash also affected his decision not to join the Facebook co-founder. Facemash was a rudimentary website which let users' rate female Harvard students as "hot or not" that eventually lead to some trouble with the Harvard administration.

In an interview Green stated, "We'd got into a little bit of trouble with the previous project and my father, who's a professor, was not too happy with the prospect of me getting kicked out of school", reported The Telegraph.