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£549 Logik L473CD11 47" Full HD LCD 3D TV

Logik's L473CD11 is a 3D TV with Full HD capabilities that would ensure 3D experience with crystal clarity in high definition.

At 1920x1080 pixel resolution and contrast ratio of 1100:1, this HD TV ensures you get a crystal clear picture for whatever you are watching - movies, sports, recorded video, etc. Fast response time makes sure that you have fluid like smooth picture output.

The 47-inch screen size is just apt for multiple viewers and the 10 free 3D glasses would definitely allow you to have a family show of your favourite 3D movies right there from the comfort of your home.

Only having excellent video output doesn't really work if audio is not of matching quality. Logik understands this and has provided two internal speakers that can deliver standard, music, movie, sports, and personal sound presets at the touch of a button!

The TV comes with nearly all standard connectivity options like SCART, HDMI, Composite Video Input, Component Video Input, USB and headphone sockets thus allowing you to extend your visual entertainment by attaching 3D Blu-ray players, HD Gaming consoles, etc.

The Logik L473CD11 47" Full HD LCD 3D TV is available from Currys for £549.