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£59.99 Packard Bell Viseo 200Ws LCD TFT 20" VGA Monitor

The Packard Bell Viseo 200Ws LCD Monitor would act as a great replacement of your old monitor with its perfect flat screen and would serve you great because of its ease of use, reliability and safety - be it your home or your office.

With a maximum resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels, the 20-inch VGA monitor adapts to VGA, SVGA and other compatible graphics adapters. Configuring display settings is quite easy thanks to the Monitor's OSD function and easy to use menus.

The monitor boasts of 5000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and the display type is Active Matrix Thin Film Transistor (TFT) LCD thus giving you a great colour depth for whatever you are watching. Fast response time of just 5ms ensures that you don't experience any judders or lag while you are watching a high action movie or sports.

The monitor is also equipped with 2x1W speakers provides you with average audio output, though not great compared to other monitors out there. The monitor also has a power-saving feature that is beyond the levels set by Environment Protection Agency's (EPA) Energy Star requirements.

Save on Laptops is offering the Packard Bell Viseo 200Ws LCD TFT 20" VGA Monitor for £59.99.